Mr. Mobile Safety

Mister Mobile Safety is a local company founded in 1990 and is privately owned and operated. Composed of twelve full time and part time employees, our services and products involve the sales and service of fire extinguishers, fire alarm and sprinkler systems, verification and maintenance, sales and service of first aid kits and we are also distributors of general safety equipment.

Our Services

  • Extinguisher Inspection
  • Fire Hose Inspection
  • Fire Extinguisher Refill
  • Nozzle Inspection
  • Emergency Light Inspection
  • Hydro Test (Extinguisher)

Our Products

  • Extinguishers (New & Used)
  • ABC, BC, Co2
  • Extinguisher Supports
  • Fire Hoses
  • Blankets
  • Lights
  • Batteries
  • And more...!

1653 rue Laurier, Rockland (ON) K4K 1L5
Tel: (613) 446-5900  
Fax: (613) 446-6005